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We are a group of developers that just want to share their cool extensions with everyone. We work as a group, ensuring everyone's comfy and productive at the same time.

It's possible for you to not have any experience whatsoever in coding, and join us anyway! We have a place for everyone, both coders and non-coders.

Extended biography:

Hey visitor, and welcome to our website!

We are Ruby Devs, a group of developers trying to enhance your experience with extensions crafted for Turbowarp and PenguinMod!

We started on October 14th, 2023, when users Gen1x and Violet banded together to create the extension known as "Mouth Washer", an extension to keep online spaces safe and acceptable for everyone.

Well, the ball started rolling and that one small extension team eventually evolved into a large horde of Artists, Developers and anyone enthusiastic among the like.
If you want to get into the scene of coding, we can help. Join us, and let's make the digital world a better and comfy place, one extension at a time!

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Trust-worthy and OpenSource

Almost all of Ruby Devs was, is, and will be open source.

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